Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Color Club Haul

Good evening polish people! I absoultely have to share my great bargain finds I bought last night. So, I was waiting for Addie to get done with her dance class and thought I'd look for more work pants at It's Fashion Metro, a kinda ghetto clothing store, but they have some really cute cheap stuff- especially jewlery.  I noticed a small table at the end of all the accessories and it was covered in polish!! Who'd a thought???  On the bottom shelf were collections of Color Club!! How lucky is that? I found all these collections shown below! I got almost everything they had b/c of the awesome price! I was so excited when I checked out and only spent about $70 on EVERYTHING! That might seem like a lot, but I can go to ULTA and spend that much on 7 polishes, so I thought it got a great deal! And plus a few of these are on my wishlist (AWESOME). I got so excited in the store, the clerk was looking at me like I had just bought some crack or something and I was getting my fix. ha...well, this is my addiction, welcome to my crazy life:)
This is all of it!

Addie wanted to get this for Christmas lol. It was $2.99

Wicked Sweet, PopTastic (Addie's), Femme Fatale, Starry Temptress (Addie's), all for $2.99 each

Boho A & B for $3.99 each

From top to bottom: Wicked Sweet (which is Addie's), Beyond the Mistletoe (Addie's),
Foiled- which I paid $3.99 for each of those. Then the bottom, Poptastic was $9.99


Love at first sight! The top are the minis what were $9, then $5, now $3
and the bottom are the big collections that were $19, then $10, then $9, now $4

On top of the I bought  2 more Foiled collections (one for Addie and one for my giveaway, then I bought all (3) of the mini Femme Fatale collection (for my giveaway and cause it has the holos I love soooo much!) YAY! I was just freakin' elated!!!! How big of a dork am I to get so excited, but there's nothing better than an awesome sale!!! Especially on things I adore. I asked the girl why they were selling Color Club there (since I'd never seen it before) and she said "it was something new". They were going to see how they sold- well I bought 95% of everything they had! So, she said they receive new ones in next week...so waiting on my daughter at dance practice just got a whole lot more fun!! HA!
I want to share this awesome find with you to show that you can find some things in the most unthought of places! So, it's kinda like a treasure hunt for me now. How fun!! There's nothing like the chase and (cheap) catch! Well, I have added them to my wheels, but not done any swatches and might not do them since they aren't new collections, but will mix some with stamps and just wear them as I go. Right now I'm wearing Blue-Topia, but it looks black...kinda disappointed, but it's a beautiful color when it's thin. Anyways, gotta get to bed to start another day so I can get off work and come home and post more stuff!!! hehe. Goodnight lacquer ladies!


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