Sunday, July 1, 2012

KB Shimmer Midsummer' Night and Party

Happy Sunday lovely polish people! I don't know about how the weather is where you live, but here the humity is enough to smother you. I've been taking pictures of when I get in my car after work and taking pics of the temperature on my phone. So far I have 107, 108, 111, and 117 degree!! Holy Schnikes!! So, I haven't been spending that much time outside unless I have a pool close by:) I'm working on getting my husband to get us a pool by devising a wonderful win-win situation: I go walking and get all hot (my biggest problem when I work out is cooling off!) So, I go walking and then jump into the cool water and continue my exercise by swimming while simultaniously cooling off! How are you staying cool this summer or warm in the winter?

So, I have a lots of pics to share today. Last week I received my order from K.B. Shimmer, a new indie brand that has just taken off- which has really awesome products besides nail polish. I just figured out how to upload and edit my pictures in Google+, which is the old my fav photo editing site that closed in April. Well, now I have them saved but not on my hardrive, so my pictures haven't really been consistent lately...or maybe at all, but I'm working on it and getting good advice from those blog pros. I think I have come to the conclusion that I need a better camera, also.

Well, I was lucky enough to get to choose from ANY of KB Shimmer's polishes they had, but unfortunately couldn't spend a lot of money, so I only got 2 for now and a pack of 6 sampler soaps (which I will show later cause they're so cool!) , but as soon as they open up I want more polishes. I got KB Shimmer's Party and Midsummer's Night. I tried to get ones that I hadn't already seen swatches of- like The TraceFacePhiles has like ALL of them, but I really want Vegas Bomb, but she did such a great post on it, I wanted to try something different.

Direct sunlight, no flash

Here is Midsummer's Night, which I had to have when i saw the star glitter in it! I love purple to begin with, but this color is phenomenal. I used Gelous basecoat to give me a good thick start. I expected this to be a very sheer being hard for the brush to grab the glitter, but that wasn't the case, quite the opposite! I first tried it out on a wheel using other a base polish to help add color, but this polish doesn't need it. This was 2 coats along with a thick coat of Seche Vite. This neon jelly-like purple is infused with big hexo blue and silver glitter, blue microglitter, and of course the big silver stars, which give it the perfect name- Midsummer's Night. Love it! I was going to just swatch, remove and swatch my other KB polish, but I loved this so much I kept it on for 2 days (which is what I normally do). It chipped, but not anymore than any other polish. I was VERY pleased with this polish:)

Closeup of KB Shimmer Midsummer's Night

The second polish I swatched is Party, which is a white jelly filled with all colors of square glitter. I'm not big on glitter and I'm not big on white polishes, but this just clicked and I thought I'd try something different...this polish doesn't disappoint!

Direct sunlight, no flash

 Just as with Midsummer's Night, I tried it out with different color base polishes to see what would bring out the best of this polish. I tried a dark blue, bright blue, coral, and white, then by itself. The white looked the best to me. Again, i used Gelous basecoat then I used one coat of Pure Ice Platinum, which is a white kind of sheer, shimmery white. I used 2 coats of Party with Seche Vite, of course. This white jelly like color had so much glitter in it that I actully had to wipe some of it off or back into the bottle. I liked that it wasn't hard to grab the glitter, but it kind of make it goopy and thick and left my manicure kinda clumpy (as you can see on my thumb in the picture below). But, overall I like it. It's unique with all colors and sizes of glitter. Some of the square glitter turned up as you can see on my middle finger, which I didn't like, but overall it's a neat combination- so this polish is like a Party!! Heeeyyy!

Closeup of KB Shimmer Party
Hope everyone has a super week, as we head into the 4th- which is a national holiday we are so blessed is a government holiday, so I will not be working that day:) yay!



  1. They are both lovely, but OHMG Party is sooo gorgeous!

  2. These are absolutely amazing - I need Midsummers Night in my life right now!!
    It looks like the glitter in party is curling? was that a big issue? Thanks for putting these well and truly on my radar! You have created a new lemming! PS I LOVE STAR GLITTER TOO <3 xxx

  3. They are so amazing. Midsummers Night has stolen my love and I might have to see if I can find it to purchase! Gorgeous xxx

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Midsummer's Night! I almost got that one but had to limit myself! -adds to wishlist-

  5. I don't normally get into white based polishes but the square glitters and all the colors are really sucking me in!