Friday, January 13, 2012

New Found Love

After much research on swatching I have come to the conclusion that I am just not ready to post my nails.  I am obviously new at this and need some practice, but I was eagar to begin a blog.  I am buying polishes and playing around.  I do take pictures, but after comparison to others...well, they just suck.  To me it's senseless to post swatches that suck, no one wants to look at crusty cuticles and bad polishing jobs!
Discovering a love for this "hobby", as I will call it, is like the day I discovered the wonderful world of scrapbooking.  I was like, "what rock have I been living under?" I went out and bought books and studied online, bought products, papers, embellishments, and spent many long hours and too many paychecks at Hobby Lobby.  Don't get me wrong, I still love it, but it's rather expensive, time and space consuming, and it's nearly impossible to scrap with small children around.  I sadly stored my scrapbook things and they are in storage.  I miss it so much,  BUT then I started looking and googling nail art... I came across The Nailasaurus and The Polishaholic and I was addicted!

I have always loved painting my nails and used to have a big collection of crazy colors when I was in high school, but outgrew that.  I was making Franken polishes before I ever knew what that was (which was just a couple of weeks ago lol). So, since I've gotten married and moved out of state I have been out of work for about 6 months (until last week:)) Well, I've had a little too much time on my hands and have been just diligently surfing the net looking for the "best new' thing" to get into...well, I FOUND IT! Of course paiting nails is nothing new, but its like I've been living like a scared  ostrich, with my head in the dirt. I guess I didn't realize there were so many possibilities with nail polish!

With all this being said, since I'm just at the start of what I'll call my polish journey, I realize that I need to take my time in learning how to do swatches and won't post any until I'm better.  I do realize there are soooo many other blogs and websites dedicated to this art, and I'm no different.  It just looks like so much fun and I wanna have fun!

So...for the time being I will continue to write since I've started the blog, but will post photos of collections and products that I've either bought or like until I feel like my swatches and collections are worth other people looking at.

Comments and advice are welcomed and needed!


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