Indie Love

Well, I it seems I'm always looking for websites, blogs, facebook pages, or etsy shops that sell Indie brands. Here I'm compiling a list of links to make it easier for myself and others where to buy!

I will be updating this as I find more brands and places that sell them. Please email me or comment to add to this:

All That Glitters
Alta Costura Vernis
Amy's Nail Boutique
Black Cat Lacquer
Candeo Colors
Crows Toes
Cult Nails
Dandy Nails
Darling Diva Polish
Daring Digits
Dollish Polish:
Elevation Polish
Elixir Lacquer
Enchanted Polish
Glitter Lacquer
Glitter Daze
KB Shimmer
Lac Attack
Lacey Lou's Nail Stockpile
Lush Lacquer
LynB Designs
Nail Venturous
Nerd Lacquer (not available right now)
Pam's Girly Bits
Rainbow Honey

Check out Jen from xoxo, Jen and her awesome indie brand page

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