Wednesday, January 18, 2012

butter LONDON- Spring 2012

Hey there polish people! Today I am sharing my swatches of most of the butter LONDON Spring 2012 Collection, with the exception of Trout Pout (I didn't like it enough to spend the $15 on it at first).  This is their latest collection, but surely isn't new to all you polish lovers.
photo from

Here's my picture just to show the difference than the advertisment,
which isn't much (minus Trout Pout : ( l )
First, I bring to you Slapper, which was my last swatch of the day, so the sun was quickly fading, which I found greatly affected my pictures.  While one of my favorite of the bunch, I don't think I really captured this beauty because of the light, or lack thereof. I used 3 coats just because I wanted to get the full brightness. I used the same top coat on all of these swatches, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry .

 Next is Disco Biscuit, first of all, I love the name. It takes me back to my college days, yes I know what a disco biscuit is lol.  I think it's a perfect name for this glittery, shimmery hot pink.  When I see it, I think Michael Alig and James St. James, the original club kids!

 This color was a bit messy for me, because I had to do so many coats.  I used Pure Ice Platinum on the bottom to bring out the best of this color, which is kind of transparent, so I also used 3 coats on top of 2 coats of the Pure Ice, which is a pearly white and thought it turned out well.  I love this color for it iridescent purplish blue tiny glitter. It's kind of gritty and probably need a better top coat, but haven't had the chance to go shopping for one yet.

Third is Miss Bossy Boots. I wasn't really sure about this color until I put it on. It's got that "shabby chic" look. I also used 3 coats for this pastel, just to make sure I got the best of it.  I think it would be even prettier if I had applied a white coat underneath, but nevertheless I think I captured this color. The weather was perfect today, so I took the opportunity and swatched away!
First one is in the shade, second is taken in the light.
And last, but surely not least is Knackered. I love this color because it's transparency gives polishers the chance to make it their own color adding whatever base color underneath, giving it a different look every time. I thought I would play around before I decided which color to use underneath. As you can see on the wheel below, I tried 5 different 3 different blues, 1 shimmery taupe, and 1 light gray.
I wanted to show what I thought would be Knackered's true color if it was opaque, so I went with one coat of Sally Hansen Gray by Gray (which is more of a blue gray), and again 3 coats of the butter.  I love the different colors it gives in the sun.  I had so much fun taking different angles and playing with it in the sun (that so rhymed, yikes!) I thought the end result was very accurate and I was pleased. Besides I'm sure I'll do this color again soon, it's too pretty! This was my result:
This grayish purple iridescent color really comes out in the shade.

So, now that I did my swatches for this collection, I really wish I had bought Trout Pout...I think I underestimated it. Well, I know my manicure isn't perfect and I still have lots of practice, but I've been working really hard! I really have mom! ha.  Well ya'll, I really enjoyed doing these colors, they were different and all fun to apply and take pics! Only complaint I have is the time...I started at around noon and am just now finishing (around 11:30 p.m.), so it's very time consuming! I worked pretty much all day doing these swatches...I'm tired. I'm going to bed now:)


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