Friday, August 24, 2012

Zoya NYFW Fall 2012

Hope everyone had a good week! So glad it's Friday! Yay. We have lil man and my boogie this weekend, so I swatched lots of polishes last weekend so I'm not trying to manage two kids, a dog, my husband, and my nails.

While making a quick trip to my local Ulta (an hour away lol) I managed to find the hidden Zoya Fall 2012 for NYFW. They didn't have the famous 3 polish Gloss Collection, which I suppose I'm just going to have to buy online, but all the other polishes were on sale. Since I'm on a tight budget I only got 2. It was so hard to choose, but I finally went with Evvie and FeiFei. I love how they come out with shimmers and cremes in the same collection. They are ALL awesome!


First is Evvie. I loved this color because it wasn't a gray and it wasn't a green, but an inbetween color that I think will be great for fall. I used Orly Bonder as my basecoat then 2 coats of Evvie and Seche Vite to finish off. 

Next, is FeiFei. I LOVE this color! This was my first choice! It's a pretty sheer color so I used Essie School of Hard Rocks as my undie color. I then used 2 coats of FeiFei and finished off with Seche Vite, of course. I thought this combo turned out beautifully and am currently wearing FeiFei again, but with another combination of undie colors. I am happy with my 2 choices but wish I could get the whole collection, but will have to settle with a couple at a time.


I recently signed ourselves up on, which is a free budgeting website that is owned and created by Quicken, a well known budgeting software often used by businesses. Anyways, I have to budget my spending on polish and plan to only spend $40 a month on polish, which will be hard, but is necessary. I have decided that I will splurge on the Zoya Gloss Collection, so...that's half of my monthly nail budget...oh well.

Well, I hope all you lovely polish ladies have a wonderful weekend!! Happy Polishing!
Once again, I wanted to share this awesome, one of my most favortest videos EVER! Rob Hoffman's Dancerface. I've shown him before, but this one is one of the most hilarious things I've ever watched!

"THAT is Dancerface...the"


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