Monday, August 20, 2012

Fergie Gone Neon

Happy Monday to all! Hope everyone had a good weekend. School has started for most people. Addie starts 4th grade on Wednesday.  Her school is so small that she just moves next door. There's one teacher/class per grade. So, as you move up you just make a "U" around the school..ha. Kinda cute, I guess.

Well, I am working on another little quiz, but I'm going to make it harder...that was way to easy, but I was just seeing how it would work. It was a test run. I will try to have one in a couple of weeks.

So, I am still working on getting better at nail art or just stamping...that's not really nail art, I guess, but it's something I'm still having to work on. So, I thought I'd bring a little example that I conjured up ha. I did some tweaking on my cuticles (they got a little dry between swatches and I guess I didn't really notice until I started editing my pics...srry!)

I used Wet 'N Wild from Fergie's new line Glowstick. It is an almost neon green shimmer that applies easily with 2 coats. I say "almost neon" because neons have been so popular this year that to me true neons hurt your eyes when you see them such as Orly Glowstick, which I also have, but just haven't swatched. One of those that I saw it once and had to have kinda polish (hence the name...) This is still a pretty color and looks nice as a shimmer.

I used Orly Bonder as a base.. 2 coats of Glowstick. I used Color Club Revvvolution,which is my fav gray holo, as my stamping polish and one of my new stamps from Cheeky Monkey CH16. Then finished off with...yup, thick coat of Seche Vite. Have you tried any of the Fergie Line yet? If so, what's your favorite color? What do you think of them?

 I wanted to show you a vid of Fergie but wouldn't upload, so I am bringing you some Dave Chapelle...almost the same, right? Does the name Tyrone Biggums ring a bell to anyone?? Well, watch below if you want a good laugh:


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  1. Love the crazy scribble stamp. The green is pretty wicked on its own too