Friday, August 31, 2012

Royal Under Fire


Good Friday to all!! Well, hope everyone had a good week. So, this is my first true hurricane season down in Louisiana, so it's been a crazy week with Issac! I live in the northern part, so we just got some wind and rain but nothing serious, unlike the south and Mississippi. I work at a bank that operates out of Hammond, which if anyone paid attention was hit hard (it's not far from New Orleans). So, we have worked but the lower part of the state hasn't been. It's been weird watching it all unfold just a few hours south of us.

Anyways, that hasn't changed anything in my life, so now I bring you all the famous Max Factor Fantasy Fire, which is called the dupe for the also famous VHTF and VE (very expensive!) Clarins 230, as you can see from Chalkboard Nails. So, this will work for now...however, this polish was one of my biggest lemmings! So, I was SOOOO excited when I found it on ebay for a decent price. I ordered 2 mini bottles (which is the only size made...hmmm) from the UK. I couldn't wait to get it on!!!



So, for my look I wanted to use an undie that would bring out the beauty in the most awesome color, which I think is I used blue. My fav blue- Revlon Royal. It only took 1 coat of this bright bold color and 2 coats of Fantasy Fire to create this most beautiful array of colors I've had on my nails so far! I LOVE this look!! I think I saw this combo. You get a different look with whatever undie color you wear. But, whatever you choose to mix this polish with, it's beautiful and defintely works well with any color! My camera sucks and doesn't even begin to show off the beauty of this look!  If you have Fantasy Fire or Clarins 230 what combinations have you tried? Show links if you have them! I am anxious to try something different since this combination isn't anything new, but this is definitely my favorite look.