Monday, July 16, 2012

Polish Collection and Organization Update

I just wanted to give everyone an update. I haven't done posts in almost a week. I have been a busy girly this past weekend. My daughter and I went shopping to prepare for our family vaca next week. That was a disaster. I kept thinking the whole time my mom saying, "well, you're paying for your raising." My mom should've slapped me back then and made me mind and be more respectful. We did get to eat some much desired sushi and Orange Leaf, though. It's wasn't all bad. Addie just has no concept of "you can't have everything you want." Then, Sunday I cleaned (after buying a new vaccuum! ) and FINALLY rearranged my polish. I have 2 corners in our room and I have had my eye on one of them to make into my polish space, but finding the time and energy was a challenge. So, I bit the bullet and moved my stuff. I used what I had. Now that I have a space, I 'm getting an idea of what I want to do. Here are some (awful camera phone) pictures I took this morning as I walked out the door for work of what I did.
My "regular" storebrand, drugstore, etc. polishes

My "expensive", irreplaceable, indie polishes (kept away from little hands)
So, as you can (kind of ) see I have my polishes arranged in by color, kind of hidden. I hate it, but it's all I could do right now until I can an idea of how I want to arrange them. I see most people have "melmers", but I just don't want mine hidden away. Maybe when I'm in the thousands or whatever, but for just a few hundred, I want them seen. I would eventually like to get a bookshelf and put like step-racks on them to stack different levels on each shelf. When my collection gets big enough I would like to arrange them by brand then by color. Then, my little "indie" shelf that holds all my "valuables" like my Nerd Lacquer, Cult Nails, Models Own and then on the bottom are my minis. If you look on the table there are some plastic nail sticks. I got those on ebay for like $1.50 per 50, so I bought  a ton (with the expecation of drastically expanding my collection...hehe). I did the wheel, but don't like it. This way I can add by color, brand and just stick wherever I need to help keep me organized- plus I can write or use a sticker to show brand and name and add a number or whatever. I am also in the process of creating a spreadsheet to go along with this.

Top Shelf: blacks, whites, golds, silvers

Second shelf: Pink and purples

Third shelf: blues, greens, yellows and oranges
Fourth shelf: corals, reds, flakies, and glitter
Like I said, this is from my camera phone, so the pictures suck, but it's just an update of my polish collection and how I organize everything. All my other stuff like top/bottom coats, stamps, removers, cuticle and hand care, etc. are on the shelf on the desk or in the white 3 drawer plastic thing beside these polishes. I have an idea of what I need to help move things along. Now, it's just a matter of expense...hmmm. Well, I have a TON of polish I've bought online coming my way (yay!!!), so can't spend anymore on this project, but I will keep updating- and with better pictures next time!

I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW YOU ALL STORE AND ORGANIZE YOUR POLISH STASH! I love going to other blogs and looking at pictures of people's creative ways they keep up with their polish.


  1. I love to se who others have their polishes stored :)

  2. Amazing collection doll. Im always looking for new storage solutions for my Nail polish:)

  3. I like the organization! I need to do something like this, too!

  4. Oh I love your organization of indies! Great collection!

    1. And I am quickly adding to them! I just ordered like 2 more collections and about 8 other random indie brands. Can't wait to share them!

  5. I always like seeing how everyone stores their stash :) I have mine mostly in Melmers, but I would also like to be able to see more of them. Have you thought about wall racks? I have been tossing around the idea of getting a few.

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award :) Check it out here...

    1. Thanks so much! How cool is that?! We have super thin walls and I"m afraid to put anything up b/c it might fall, and I'm not taking that risk lol.