Saturday, July 28, 2012

Indie Nail Mail Preview

Well, vacation has been very relaxing, but the second we got home we picked up my 21 month old step-son for the weekend, so it has been non-stop around here. Plus, I'm still working on my "polish station". Trying to get all my polishes on the nail sticks I bought is taking FOREVER. It seems like as soon as I get going I get new polish... I feel like I'm never going to get done! I haven't swatched in at least a week! However...I still polish my nails every other day, as always, and keep that updated on my NOTD page.
So, I will show you a preview of some of what I've gotten in the mail in the last couple of weeks:

Whimsical Ideas by Pam: Georgia Peach Fuzz, Kitty Glitter, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Seuss
Cult Nails Coco's Untamed Collection: Spontaneous, Annalicious, I Got Distracted, Deal With It, and Untamed
Twee and Honey: Golden Fairy Farts and Glittertits (how could I not get these awesomely named polishes hehe)
Cirque: Vaudeville and Ophelia
CrowsToes Murder by #'s

Enchanted Polish Disco Barbie

Well, that's all the pics I have for now. I have gotten more polishes but haven't had time to take pictures but also want to share some of them to swatch and show cause they are a bit special (not that these aren't) but I thought I'd just share what I've bought lately. Hope everyone is having a super weekend!! Glitter On!