Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pams and Kin Lucky Street and Collide

Well Happy Wednesday...also known as Middle-of-the-week-boring-Day.  Well, it's been so hot here and we finally got some rain. After Pizza Hut for lunch along with the rain...all I wanted to do was take a nap. Nothing special going on, just been buying polish like crazy online. I have like 5 packages- probably 15 polishes in all, along with some nail sticks so I can start to organize and make a list of my stash. I need to find a bigger place...I'm running out of room for my polish!

Well, with the rain and no sun I can't take good pictures outside so I am bringing some swatches out of the old picture vault. I bought some indies back in March and have been meaning to swatch them but just never got around to it. I finally had a chance to do so but then never posted my that's what I'm going to do now:)

Today I thought I'd show you Pams and Kin, P&K, found on etsy. I only bought one polish, Lucky Street, but she sent me a free big bottle of one of their new colors, Collide, which I also swatched.

This was her letter to me that was stuck to the outside of my bubble wrap! How sweet! This is why I love indie polish!!

I thought I would use a base that was similar to the color of the glitter. I went with Revlon Bonsai, which is a creamy shimmery kind of duochrome green and yellow. I haven't worn this color before, but I really like it. It has a very nice application and went on well with one coat. I used 2 coats of Lucky Street and Seche Vite.

Inside under desklamp without flash

Now, here is Collide, which in retrospect, I should have used a more colorful base so that you could see how beautiful this polish really is. I used SOPI Queen of Everything, which is a very silver, thin polish, but it gets the job done in one coat. This polish is really good for stamping. I love the flakies and holo glitter in Collide. It makes for a unique polish and would be an awesome polish to layer with. Thanks for sending me this polish for free! Can't get better than that!

Inside, under desklamp, no flash

 You can still get these colors plus MUCH more on her etsy shop here. What I like is she makes just more than glitter colors, and they are reasonably priced at $10 a bottle, which for most indie brands is great. Most indie polishes are going for $15-20 a bottle plus shipping. Anways, check her out and hope everyone has an awesome rest of the week! Here's a little something for you lovely readers:




  1. I love these polishes! They look fabulous! Plus, you just got super bonus points from me for including that SNL clip at the end of your post. JT is my love!!

    1. I know! He's so hilarious. This skit is one of my favs...I have so many funny clips and pics that I can't wait to share!