Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Models Own Beetlejuice Summer 2012 Collection

Well, I had created this awesome look for the 4th, but when I did it last night I was tired and I had already taken my Ambien...hehe, so it was a bit sloppy and wasn't worth sharing, although I did get some compliments on them at work today. I am so excited to have tomorrow off! Well, I will get to my non-patriotic post...

I have been drooling over this collection before it was even released but everytime I found the collection together it was never in stock...until last week! My first Models Own polishes! I was soooo excited to get them. Their store doesn't ship to the US, so thanks to Harlow & Co. I got mine in like 4 days...shipping from Canada! How awesome! I wanted the first Beetlejuice Collection, but then their summer Beetlejuice collection came out and it was love at first sight!

More than any of them I wanted Indian Ocean. So I'll show it first. This beautiful duochrome is blue, pink, lilac, but very sheer. So, as shown below, I used one coat of Pure Ice Kissy Kiss (a periwinkle color). It wasn't very opaque but that's what I was going for. I then used 2 coats of Models Own Indian Ocean, followed by a thick coat of Seche Vite- I also used basecoat Seche Clear (I will ALWAYS !use a basecoat although I may not name it in my posts- as I used the same base and top coat in all of these manis)) I LOVE this outcome! Indian Ocean also has small purple or pink glitter in it- just a subtle amount to really make it pop. One of my favorite polishes! Jen from Polishaholic also did an awesome swatch on this color here!

Next, is Tropical Sun, which I really liked but wasn't just crazy about until I put it on. This was also a sheer peachy shimmer with hints of orange pink and gold. I decided to go with the base color, coral. For this I used Sinful Colors Hazard- one coat of this opaque polish gave me a brighter Tropical Sun that I would have had otherwise. I still loved this look and as shown below shows its different "faces" in the sun.

Last, but surely not least is Copper Pot, which was, I suppose was my least favorite of these 3, which isn't saying much. Once I put it on I was impressed- although I have probably 4 polishes that are almost this same color (one being a Pure Ice for $1.99). This was strong enough not to use a base color underneath, so I just applied 2 coats of this shimmery copper, hence Copper Pot lol. Looking back, it wouldn't have hurt to use 3 coats, but it still turned out nice.

When I went outside to take these pics it looked as if it was about to rain, so there wasn't a lot of sun, which didn't really give me a lot to work with. Of course, the clouds eventually moved on and my other swatches for this came out great due to the sunlight. Yay for summer....ha. Living in Louisiana isn't much fun during this awful season...the humidity is smothering. Well, I will leave you with this fun picture:



  1. Very pretty! I love Indian Ocean! <3

  2. Very beautiful!! I love<3

  3. I passed on this collection (because Model's Own is quite pricey in Canada)... but your swatches are sooo pretty of all of these shades!
    The blue is my favourite ;)