Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dollish Polish Random Dancing

Good Wednesday to all! So, we're halfway done with this week, yesterday was the first day of summer and we are already breaking records with this awful heat! It was 100 degrees today in northern Louisiana. I got in my car after I got off work and I had to roll my window down and hang my head out just to be able to breathe!!

Well, I have been shopping for the past couple of weeks for some new polish and finally decided on the indie brand K.B. Shimmer, who just opened their shop back up for a while. I also got some soap samples that I'm super excited to try!

Today, I thought I'd post on some old swatches from another indie brand- Dollish Polish. I have been trying to catch her again when she has some polishes in stock, but I always seem to just miss her:( But a while back- when she was still on Etsy I got a couple of polishes, one of which I am showing today, Random Dancing.

 If I had painted all my fingernails with this wonderful glitter I would have used to whole bottle! It's got so many different glitters in it, but it took me a LOT of layers to cover my full nail. I didn't use any color as a base so this ended up being VERY thick, but looked awesome once I applied like 10 coats! For my other nails I used 2 coats of Color Club Warhol, which is actually a bright, almost neon pink, but appears bright red in these pictures. No matter what kind of light I used it came out red, but with all the different glitter colors it matched. I would apply a few coats of Random Dancing then kind of push it around with my fingers since the base of this polish has a jelly-like consistency that I very much like. I made it easy to put the glitter where I wanted it on my nail. And I finished it off with Seche Vite, of course:)

Sadly, a couple of weeks ago my step-son, who likes to get a couple of my polishes and carry them around...he happened to get this polish and had it in his mouth and the ate the "Dollish Polish" sticker right off the polish, so now it looks like it has no name or brand:( BUT, I did manage to take these pictures before it was "destroyed"...


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