Sunday, June 10, 2012

China Glaze Pink Plumeria

Hello all polish lovers!! Hope everyone had a good weekend! Allen and I took Kade to his cousin's birthday party- Princesses & Pirates was the theme. We didn't dress him up, but they had pirate hats for all. Here's my lil mate!
Then, today we went to eat in Ruston to kinda celebrate our 1 year anniversay, then we did some fun grocery shopping- NOT. Never again will I ask Allen to help me with groceries lol. He was ready to leave after 15 minutes! So...anyways, I made him stop by Sally's, so I could try to pick up some new polish. I found a few of CG Summer Neons. I am actually showing you the one I wasn't looking for, but really liked, Pink Plumeria.

If you've been following other nail blogs, you've probably already seen this collection. Neons seem to be the trend for this summer, because every popular polish brand has a collection. I'd really like to get my hands on some Orly and OPI, but haven't really seen anymore in stores, but haven't had a lot of time to shop. By the time I get around to it, something else will be in...oh well. Story of my life. Ha.

So, since the closing of :( I have been using, which is from the same people, but free.  They don't have as much, but enough to edit my pictures. I finally decided to use the new collage option and found it very useful for this review.
Left: Direct Sunlight                                                       Right: Outside in shade
I used Seche Clear as basecoat, then 3 generous coats of CG Pink Plumeria, then finished up with a thick coat of Seche Vite. As you can see, the direct sunlight really brings out the coral and shimmer. I love both and think this is a great polish. As always I love China Glaze, but it's not always as opaque as I think it should be. After 2 coats I could still see an outline of my nail beds so I used one more coat just to be sure. Maybe I should have used white as a base color, but I didn't think I needed it.

Left: Direct sunlight                                                 Right: Outside in shade
When comparing these two up close side by side I couldn't believe this is the same nail color! You can see the flecks of gold, purple and pink on the left. So beautiful and girly. Such an awesome color! You can't see it on the right picture but the pink is very neon shimmery- which I haven't seen alot of. It's very pretty and classy looking when inside under artifical light. So, it's like I'm wearing a different polish depending on what kind of light or setting I'm cool!
Left: Direct Sunlight                                                          Right: Outside in shade
And if I dared, I could upload a picture I took on my phone to upload to FB. It was so bright it look it like I was in the dark and showed up really neon- which I suppose this color made it to the Summer Neons Collection...


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