Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Zoya Birchbox Blogger Collection

Hey there polish people!! So, I have a few posts, but I wanted to share this first! I have googled this and nothing comes up so here is what I received as an email yesterday and I couldn't resist!

If you are subscribed to Birchbox you will get this email as well. A couple of months ago they had a contest to introduce 3 colors exclusive to Birchbox for Spring 2012 that is designed by bloggers. How awesome is that! You can get the collection for $22 with free shipping. I thought it would have been pretty cool to give an extra discount if you have a beauty blog, but all is well and I already ordered mine! In fact, I got an email about an hour ago saying that my package has already shipped!!! Yay!

ALSO, check out Birchbox Facebook page and you will find this:

I haven't entered yet, but I found it AFTER I had already purchased my collection so I would only do it for fun. You should check out the 3 bloggers that won: The Small Things Blog, Eleventh Gorgeous, and Capitol Hill Style.

I can't wait to get my collection, swatch it and share! Happy polishing!!

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