Thursday, April 19, 2012

Well, Shift Happens...

FINALLY my Girly Bits order came in!! I waited about 2 months, but it was worth it! These are the Frankens that make polishing worth waiting for lol. No, seriously people, this polish is craved for, along with many other namesless indie brands that are being sold on ebay for 3 times what Chanel and MAC are priced at (like Lynnderella). These are polishes that aren't avaliable in stores and I think it is sooo cool that I have to wait 2 months to get 1 polish! That means that Pam, the creator/maker of Girly Bits, sits there and mixes these bottles herself. Then she writes a little "thank you"note to every buyer! How sweet is that?!! I got my package all wrapped in purple tissue paper with a purple ribbon tied around it with a sticker and a hand written note thanking me!

Well, I wanted to buy like ALL of them, but then I had to pay bills I bought Shift Happens, which was her new popular polish and I got an older but awesome Sailor's Delight, which is not shown here today, but I have worn it and can't wait to swatch it and post about it!! You can see it here on her blog.

You might be wondering, well this is not what it looks like on other blogs...EXACTLY. I wanted to catch this sheer shimmer in all of its beauty- au naturale. Plus, this week I've been on this sheer shimmery thing, so I wanted to try out Shift Happens naked. Other blogs have it over black, which I think looks awesome and really shows the "shift" in colors, so I thought I'd do something different. 

Ever since I saw the post by Jen from I knew I had to have a bottle! One day I noticed while on facebook, Pam's Girly Bits page showed up on my news feed. I saw that she was having a facebook pre-order sale for her polish. I got my email ready and saved to be sent off at 8 a.m. sharp! I wanted to make sure I got this polish!!!!

So, I did the most simple mani with this polish I could think of for this look.  I used Seche Ridgefiller because it had a pearly tint to it instead of just clear and I thought would give a slight tint to help the sheerness Shift Happens.  Then I applied 3 coats of Shift Happens and used 1 coat of NYC clear polish as a top coat.  I probably could have used 2 more coats of Shift Happens, but I like the sheerness that I got, so I stopped at 3. It ended being this pink, peachy color with a hint of orange and purple *hint the shift*.  Pam is very talented and I can't wait to buy more from her collections!


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