Saturday, February 18, 2012

Franken with m60

WOW! This has been a crazy week! I had the best of intentions of posting my 3rd day of nails for V-Day, and I did new nails for the 14th, but they I was so tired and they looked crappy and I couldn't bring myself to even take pictures:(

I had this ingenious idea to make frankens for all my new co-workers, so I came home Monday night- which is the night I have to take Addie to dance and didn't get home until around 7. I started making mixing after I got home and got done around 1 a.m. I was so happy with my results! I made 8 V-Day themed polishes that I wanted to take pictures of and had the best intentions of posting, but was just so tired:(  Then I finally got around to creating this awesome look for Valentine's Day, but they just sucked. I feel like I am failing as a blogger- I am only able to post once a week because my life is so crazy! I want so bad to do swatches, take pics, and post them. I sit there and just stare at my polishes, buying new ones, reading other bloggers, rearranging my polishes- everything but taking pictures.  It's just so hard to get good pictures when I don't have decent lighting inside and hardly any time to do so.

Plus, I have really gotten into making frakens and have just ordered some more empty polish bottles, so I will be working hard, just may not be posting a lot.
I polish my nails at least every other day, but just don't have time to do everything else to get them on my blog...not sure what to do.

Nevertheless, I was able to create a look for today. For today I wanted to use a franken I made this past week. I have this tank that's this chartreuse, green, gold looking and I wanted to have a polish this color. It looks like China Glaze Trendsetter (which I have swatched) but a little lighter and not as green.  Well, I do like my results, but it's not as green as I would have liked, and I will continue to work on this until I get my desired color.
Konad plate m60

First I started out with Color Club Stuck On You basecoat. Then I used two coats of my franken You Are My Sunshine.  It wasn't the best on application, kind of sticky and took a while to dry. Patience is a virtue...

Then I used my new Konad plate m60- my only Konad plate- with Konad special polish in silver.  Now I don't know what the reason was, but I had the HARDEST time getting my stamp to go on my nail.  I had to go over some of my nails twice with the stamp, which I've never had to do before and had to repaint two of my nails b/c I messed up.  I was about to lose patience, but I really wanted to use this paisley stamp. I was determined to make it work. I am pleased with my results. I will try another stamp color next time and see if that was my problem.  My theory on Konad polishes might soon change...I finished up with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat of course:)


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